Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 2 - PM

After the great lunch... our groups changed roles...  
Ben, Darren, Caia, Drew and Daryn, our PE crew. This is the calm before the storm

and the sprinkles begin

Explaining the concept of Kickball

Here's Daryn setting up a game of soccer

and Ben running the children through some drills
Mr. Darren is it left or right?

Drew being tall

Caia at the playground

The storm returning from PE class


We were trying to figure out how to set the tires in the playground. The first attempt was to pound rebar into the ground, and then pound the tired onto the rebar.... the tires won!

The second step was to drill holes into the tires and then pound the tires onto the rebar, the tires won!!

now for my 'when in rome' analogy...

Gloria, one of the village elders and a vendor at the school (she sells great, cold, icy pop like things..  for 12 cents/ea), came over and in spanish, told Tara (our fluent in spanish student) that we needed to heat the rebar so it would melt the tire as we pushed through.

Note Nathan heating the rebar in the fire that Gloria started right in the middle of the playground.  Washington Parents, do not try this at home!!

Gloria showed Nathan, and showed Tory

and the boys could eat fish forever (oops, wrong analogy)
Gloria is in the background at her stand
Tory setting the last tire

You can see here the rebar sticking up with mortar around it.  The tires were filled with mortar to cover the rebar (see below)

Then backfilled with dirt

Then Tara and Kirsten celebrated with some friends

With all the excitement at the tires, I almost forget.  Cody was putting the finishing touches on the door he constructed and hung for the storage shed.  

The storage shed is actually an old ladies toilet no longer in use.  We're going to leave the 'ladies toilet' sign on the shed to deter any of the stored tools from walking away unexpectedly.

Did you know that over 1 Billions dollars of tools walk away unexpectedly from jobsites and tool trailers in the U.S. Construction Industry every year.  That's enough $$ to provide clean water to 1/2 of the 2 billion people in the world that do not have access to clean drinking water.

There are so many captions I can think of for this picture.  But let me just say that the females on our trip are working hard and setting an incredible example to the young Belizean girls that women can work in physical jobs.

Here's the jobsite at the end of the day.  Poles set for the fence, blocks sets by the building for the garden, and tires set for the playground.

On the way out...  I spotted many of the students from the AM session carrying their pen pal letters

And for all you Northenders in Boise, chickens in Bella Vista are truely, free ranging.

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