Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bella Vista Primary - Day 1 PM

We've split our group into 2 teams.  In the morning, 1 team works on our construction project while the second team works in the classroom (as you could tell by the AM post).  In the afternoon, the teams swap with the am classroom team doing construction and the morning construction team helping out w/ PE classes.  

So here we go... the afternoon

you been shoveling long?

This is for you CJ... look at this form

Darren recruiting young assistants and teaching them to bend at the knees


Cody working with Richard (a new friend who helped us find a local hardware store)  We had to cut rebar so it would fit in our van.  While we purchased our original materials for the first day in Belmonpan, the capital of Belize, we are trying to purchase our remaining materials in Bella Vista, which has led to some design changes for our projects based on what is available locally.

Here's Tory leading a PE class.  He was amazed at the skills.  I need to show Tory the trophies in the teachers room.  These kids have game.

Ok.. i'll show you.. look below

Sara playing freeze tag for PE

Tory finishing up PE

meanwhile over at the construction project........

Ben, Cody, and Drew unloading a load of sand

and I get funny looks riding w/o a helmet on my cruiser (in the north end)

Cody and new friend.  Cody spent 3 years in Haiti before and after the earthquake.  He's a great help with field construction

Yes, those are pink work gloves

Kirsten helping stake out the fence line for the playground.

I'll start off tomorrow with a picture of the playground site...  

We had a great dinner tonight at Cardies followed by a discussion of today's activities led by Joni Valencia.  Joni works with Peacework Inc.  Peacework is a nonprofit organization working throughout the world to reduce poverty.  They have worked throughout Belize for many years and assist us in all things administrative for this project.

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