Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The trip home

We made it home Safe and Sound

And yes... this will be my last blog for the CM 2012 Belize Trip

If anyone says they didn't like the food... you now know they are not telling the truth

Leaving the hotel to the Airport....

same pose as yesterday.. different chairs

Daryn and Ben studying for the AIC exam which is next saturday.  Passing the AIC (American Institute of Constructors) level I exam is a graduation requirement for CM students.

We took this little puddle jumper from Placentia to Belize City

Tara is up in the co-pilot's seat.   She's planning on going into Aeronautical Engineering and becoming a pilot.

Yes, Drew does wear his cowboy hat everywhere.

our view leaving placentia

Safe and sound  in Belize City

It's sorta like being a rock start

Sara all smiles after her co-piloting

Sara smiling... is that Daryn still studying?

Caia has gone native

Eager to get home

Our flight connections were really close... so there were no great photo opps...

I do want to thank the students for all their hard work, eagerness, flexibility, humor, and enthusiasm this week.  Families and friends, thanks for your support to each of our students, be proud of them.  I AM!

And thanks to Joni Valencia (see below).  Joni was our onsite support and representative from Peacework.  THANKS JONI!!

Check out Peacework @ Peacework.org

So, this is it, an unbelizeable week.

I agree with my wife Elizabeth, I do not plan on quitting my day job.



Sunday, April 1, 2012

Placentia Belize - on the 7th day.. they rested

It's our last day in Belize...  

so we are leaving our work gloves behind

and driving off from the Cardies Hotel one last time

Exit Cardies

We are going to the beach community of Placentia for a well deserved rest.
Our mode of transportation is the Hokie Pokie water taxi

by the way, earlier this week our students DID the Hokie Pokie (to bewildered Belizean school children)

Waiting at the Hokie Pokie dock

"I don't drink soda often, but when I do, it's Fanta"

When in Belize...

that reminds me, all week I've heard lots of Belize sayings among our group.. such as:  do you Belize in magic, Belize it or not, I can't Belize I ate the whole thing, jeez Belize, and Belize Navidad

The Hokie Pokie loaded up and ready to go

Tara isn't too keen on boats... here she's putting on her happy face

Check out Drew wearing his hat...  actually check out Drew's red neck

Pulling into the dock at Placentia.. it was about a 10 minute ride

Here's the front office of our hotel, the Seaside

Which way to the beach?

This represents our harding working team all week

but NOT today, today is for loafing, and relaxing

The view at 9am

and looking so very cool

and ..  well I'm not sure

This is so mod squad

The view from our hotel

While everyone was loafing, I thought I'd give you a little tour around town

Here's John the Bakerman's establishment.  Yes, a bakery

The street entering town.. there are nice restaurants lining the street.  You can't really tell from this picture... but trust me, they are there

The main 'street' in Placentia, is actually a sidewalk with......

Dive Shops, souvenir shops, lot's of shops oh my

Here's Melanie (4)  at a shop, with her mother weaving handbags

At the end of sidewalk you run into the Shak which has delicious smoothies, my recommendation: the Maya Papaya

Life is Good in Placentia

BSU CM representing

I couldn't decide on which hat... so I'm posting both

The tropical beauty is everywhere, it makes even this novice photographer look good

While I was photographing flowers....  I wonder what our students were up to?

Eating lunch, I hear the shrimp burrito was amazing



 Swimming (with cowboy hat)

Meeting new friends

If you teach a CM student to fish!!!!

The students I didn't capture on film...  were napping!

Our last dinner in Belize at a place called Wendy's

Dessert at Tutti Frutti's, an Italian Gelato shop

Our trip is winding down...  I'll capture our return home tomorrow

From Bloggers paradise...  See you tomorrow