Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bella Vista Primary DAY 1 - AM

Day 1 in Bella Vista... 
We have a variety of projects planned, a preK/K playground w/ class garden, repairing a storage room, conducting literacy and PE classes.. ready... set.. go...

Loading up at the Cardies

Principal Ovado welcoming us to the School

Walking the school grounds

Darren explaining the playground design to Principal Ovado

Tory breaking ground on the playground

Sara working.. work Sara work

Nathan really knows how to draw a crowd

Look closely.. synchronized digging

Tara giving a thumbs up...   Tara is fluent in spanish which comes in handy.  The children at Bella Vista primary are a collection of Hondurans, Guatemalans, Mayan, Belizean.  Although English is Belize's national language.  Many, or most of the children here speak spanish as their primary language.

Caia (above) and Sara (below) with new friends.  Our female students/faculty are tremendous role models for the young girls at the school.

Darren shakin down a student...   ok.. not really, he was playing with the children... picking them up and throwing them up....  little did he know...  they just kept coming.. and coming... and coming...

Hey look, Kirsten Davis, faculty member in CM is grading midterms all the way in Belize...   Just kidding of course.  Kirsten is organizing the pen pal letters that 4th graders from Washington Elementary in Boise wrote to standard II students in Belize (8-10 year olds).

A sign in the teacher office, couldn't say it better myself

Daryn working in a classroom helping the children learn the alphabet.  According to Daryn, the alphabet is a LOT harder than you think!

Darren still playing with the children.  If you look closely, you may be able to see him juggling rocks.  Now there are children 'juggling' rocks all over the school grounds.

Ben holding off a class of at recess...  actually he was playing red light - green light

You can't see Ben here... but let's just say.. they caught him

new friends

Drew getting ready to spend some time with a class working on literacy

Ben and Daryn.. lining up the children...  the true making of future construction managers

Ben agreeing with Daryn about the alphabet

Drew teaching a class

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